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vein and spot removal treatment




Receiving a treatment with the machine called Thermo-Lo, can remove or lighten unsightly spots on the body and face. Those spots include milia, cholesterol deposits, cherry angiomas, skin tags, sun damage, acne, and spider veins. The machine uses a radio frequency current on the surface of the skin to dehydrate and remove skin conditions.  

  Healing time for the face or body (not including spider veins on the legs) is usually 1-2 weeks. Any condition that is a noticeable (bump) or growth on the skin is going to become a little rough in texture and will flake off, leaving the area smoother. This healing time also includes broken capillaries on the face. The area does become red and sometimes closer to the eye, very minor swelling does occur. Swelling decreases fairly quickly throughout the day. The broken capillaries will begin to lighten and disappear.

  The longer healing time with treating a condition with the thermo-lo, are treating spider veins on the legs. Spider veins on the legs are a group of widened veins seen through the surface of the skin. Some may be a very light pink to appearing thick and dark. How the spider vein appears will also effect how many treatments you may need. The healing appearance may last 3-4 weeks. With a 12 week follow up treatment or visit. The healing veins usually resemble a cat-scratch for 3-4 weeks.